January 21- 24, 2020

Lake Mary, FL

ninth Annual International Convention and Awards Dinner


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Jim's Cinderella story serves as testimony to the power of dreams and their ability to inspire and transform human life. Jim Morris’s meteoric rise from 35 year-old high school teacher to flame-throwing major league pitcher in 3 months, made cinematic history with the release of The Rookie starring Dennis Quaid.


Jim's from obscurity became the feel-good story of 1999. After pitching for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2000, Jim Morris signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers and retired from baseball in 2001.


Jim lives with his family near San Antonio and travels the world as America's foremost inspirational and motivational speaker. His story has become an Inspiration to anyone interested

in overcoming life's obstacles and living their dreams. Jim has participated in such prestigious events as The Million Dollar Round Table, numerous speaker showcases. and Is the author of "The Rookie".


Jim's story has provided a platform to give back, inspire and encourage people of all backgrounds and ages to pursue their dreams and never give up. His philanthropic efforts include partnerships with the following organizations:


  • Arms of Hope
  • BCFS, community Services Division, Health & Human Services
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Play It Forward
  • Texas Youth Commission
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